Alpha Demigods are the children born to any god/goddess; either he/she may be Greek, Roman, Egyptian ect.


Learning you are a Alpha DemigodEdit

Most Demigods are ‘claimed’ by the gods when they are 12 years old, young enough so that their powers have not manifested but old enough to understand what’s going on around them. When a childen learns that they are Demigod they normally exbit the powers of their parents. Ex: William Muzzic, the son of Apollo excelled at mucis, art, drama classes and other things to do with Music and the Arts because of his father. This rule is broken if the child is on of the Big Three, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Their powers may manifest as early as 5 years old in a couple of cases. Ex: Zeke, the son of Zeus, at age 5 was already cuasing thunderstorms.

Being a Alpha DemigodEdit




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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